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Realtimme Cloud system uses the familiar Microsoft Office 2007 ribbon interface, so you should not have problem using the program immediately.The functions in RealtimmeSQL are divided into tabs and icons or sub-menu(s).

Click on any of the Tab, e.g. A/C Entry. Modules under the A/c Entry will be displayed as icon as shown above.


Example , under A/c Entry, there are Sales Journal , Receipt, POS Receipt Customer Debit Journal, Customer Credit Journal, all under

the Accounts Receivables (Customer )

Accounts Payable (Supplier) is represented by Purchase Journal, Payment, Suppliers' Debit Journal, Suppliers' Credit Journal

General Ledger is represented by G/L Journal, Revalue Accounts.

Note that the icon is orange in colour as the mouse is pointing to the icon, click on it and you will be moving into the Purchase Journal icon.

Note that the red color borders is used for highlighting the topic in particular for this help file use only.


Once you click into any of the Transaction icon, you will see Add, Delete, Edit, View, Print, Help and Exit button.

There are other times when there are more than the above , at other modules, e.g in Financial Period, there are Year End, Clear Balance icon that is limited to the Financial Period use only.


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