Open Balance Curr Rate

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Exchange rate for Opening balance (brought forward transactions of customers, suppliers and general ledgers)

This is for company that are switching from other software to Realtimme Cloud, with customers, suppliers, and trial balances with foreign currencies balances b/f.

: Currency exchange rate setting for b/f balances

Assuming your last brought forward date is 31st March 20XX, and you have transactions dated way back year 2004 remain outstanding,

In the financial period setting, you had set your period [0] ending 31st March 20XX (where 20XX = 2019, or 2020...)


If 20XX = 2020



For illustration purpose, set the date range from 1/4/2004 to 31st March 2020 as shown in [4] for the various currency codes



Repeat the same for USD against SGD



Next topic : Monthly currency rate setting


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