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There may be some supplier balances that are negative in value due to unapplied credit notes given by the supplier in the previous period or over payments or advance payment made by the company, resulting in appearing as owing to your company.


: Supplier negative opening balance ( @5.54 min )


At the earlier topic, you had learnt how to enter supplier opening balances with positive value outstanding amount.

We are now going to learn how to enter negative value (over payment or advance payment to supplier).




At [A/c Entry], click [Purchase Journal] .


Click [Opening Balance] tab, click [Add],




Assuming there was a negative balance of $500 dated 12/03/2019 to supplier CDE for an over payment to them

but not applied yet as at 31st March 2019.



At [5] How to enter negative balance? .Click here to



Continue with the next supplier, DEF  with negative balance, as shown below




Verify that all Opening balances of supplier is complete, go to Supplier Aging



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