FAQ - Opening Balance

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What if the audited accounts is not ready yet and I do not have the final figures b/f figures of the accounts?

You can still enter the unaudited figures (based on your own recordings) of your accounts to kick start your system first, at the least, you still have your bank balances to work on first.

Once your audited accounts is ready, edit the GL journal record posting and change the value of each accounts as per the audited figure.



Assuming the A-O001 value is changed, under the Src_Amt, click the cell on A-O001  and change the value (see below)


FAQ : Why are OB posted to a single sales or purchase account?

For opening balances , the accounts code is no more important as they would have been posted in the earlier period.


The sales or purchase account posting is just for internal software validation consistency purposes that there must be an account to balance it, but otherwise is just for unnecessary.


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