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You had earlier learnt how to make payment to your regular suppliers (account payable) with their invoices and maintaining a contact lists in the system.


For invoice that are one-off purchase ( i.e. never maintain an account in the supplier master), payments are made by crediting the bank direct and debiting the various expenses and/or balance sheet accounts
(e.g. debit accrual, fixed assets, loan a/c)


To enter expenses (Cash basis Accounting)



Assuming a purchase of some stationery was made from Super Office Stationery Supplies

Inv 23456 dated 04/10/2019  $200 GST 7 % or  $14.00 to issue a payment on 04/12/2019


For cash basis accounting, this expenses is taken in only at the time of payment, i.e. 04/12/2019






Printing & Stationery Expenses




GST - Input Tax








(Being payment made to Super Office Stationery Supplies for stationery purchased OCBC 123463)


At [A/c Entry] , click [Payment]




Click [Others]


Follow the steps from [1] to [12]                                                                                                      




At [2a] you can enter multiple lines of invoices in a single payment .See petty cash
You can now attach your supplier invoice in pdf format [8]



If your company is not GST Registered....Click here...





Note 1 : This method is recommended to use when this is a one-time purchase from this supplier and you do not wish to

               maintain a supplier id in your accounts payable sub-ledger, or it is a cash purchase in this month.


As the payment was made in December, the printing and stationery expenses will be reflected in the December Profit and loss accounts, even though the supplier invoice is dated October.


Note 2 : At [8a] To repeat new payment that have previously being issued,

Click the recurring button to import the earlier payment. This helps to save the data-enty. Make all necessary changes and save the new entry.



Note 3: At [2] The Invoice number at the top of the screen is when payment are made to one single invoice. If there are multiple invoice within one payment voucher, enter the invoice number in [2a]
            At [11a] If supplier is not GST registered, enter the tax code NR.


The advantage of entering invoice number is that system will check for duplicate if there is an attempt to enter the same invoice again for a second payment. This will prevent double payment that would normally be missed out in any GL payments. (See Reimbursement)



Learn how to use excel template to import expenses


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