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All business owners, are you spending too much time signing payment vouchers and half the time you do not have a firm idea of what you are paying for?

You can now approve a payment voucher within the system, view the pdf copy of the invoice, without the need to print out the payment voucher and e-signed on it.

To start off the payment approval process, follow the few steps.. [Read more]

Step 1/4 :  Set the number of people that need to approve the payment.
                (Note : The person approving the payment voucher need not be the authorised signatory)

                1.1 At Utility, select company profile, click [Edit], followed by clicking on the [Misc Settings]

    1.2. Set the number of people required to approve the payment voucher, from [0] to [2]


Step 2/4 :  Set user to [Sup]

Step 3/4: At Accounts Entry, click  [Payment], click the [Pending] tab. Below shows 2 payment voucher awaiting for approval.

Step 4/4 : To approve each payment voucher, highlight on the record and click [Approve]

                 Click on the [View] button to view the pdf copy of the invoice.


If payment is not approved and user try to print, it will not allow to print the payment voucher, with this message as shown below


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