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See InvoiceNow

For illustration purpose, assuming your company is Sunshine Pte Ltd


At [ Setup ], select [ Company Profile ]




Click [ Edit ].



Enter your company PEPPOL id (You need to fill in your company information to register for your company peppol id. If you have not got your company registered, click here. It is free of charge)


What is PEPPOL and how it can help improve productivity?...Read more...

Imagine you issue an invoice to your customer, your customer will have to enter all the information into their accounting system, because the software is different and information like invoice number, invoice date, invoice amount, tax etc has to be re-type into their system again and vice versa, when you receive your supplier invoice.(See FAQ InvoiceNow)

The matter can be made more complicated if you have stocks, where your supplier stock code [ABC1234] may be different from your stock code [ABC-1234] though they are referring to the same thing.

PEPPOL is an international platform, managed by a company in Norwegian Agency  with representative from Singapore IMDA ( )


By completing your transaction and clicking a button [Send via PEPPOL], instead of send to PDF and email the pdf invoice to your customer, the information in the invoice will be digitally sent to the PEPPOL platform and re-routed to your customer accounting software, on a condition that their software is also in the PEPPOL platform. The reverse is true if your supplier can send their invoice to your system (Realtimme Cloud)


Realtimme Cloud is now building the PEPPOL feature and will announce the release of and make available to our users soon  ( End June 2021)

Learn how to enter your company PEPPOL id into your company profile below.

Introduction to PEPPOL

Step 1 : Click here to search for a company PEPPOL id (by company name)


For illustration purpose, assuming your company name is [Sunshine Pte Ltd]




See Customer Master , enter your customer PEPPOL id before you can send to them


See Supplier Master , enter your supplier PEPPOL id before you can receive their invoice to your company



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