Power of filer (or CSP)

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The followings topics show you what a filer (business owner yourself or Corporate service provider) can do for the purpose of seamless filing


1.Can set multiple control accounts for the purpose of ACRA filing. The GL control is enabled for this purpose which otherwise, other user group with access to  customer or supplier master, will be disabled.
a.Related company
b.Third party Control
c.Other Debtors / creditors (Non trade creditors)

Do the same for trade creditors control in supplier master


2.Add Filing agent number and directors' information
3.To prepare filing information for XBRL submission
4.Verify Trial balance with complete data id
5.Run XBRL validation
6.Click Web Filing and using corp pass to login to ACRA and IRAS website to do seamless filing (Annual returns or form C-S filing)




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