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All posting allow user to print an audit trail for record purposes after completing each month reporting of financial statement.

Printing here refers to print to printer or print to portable digital format (pdf) or print to excel spreadsheet, for reference and control or forensic purposes
Best practice

1.Your management must assign and limit an authorised user to print (recommended to print to pdf) the audit trail ( not all users) and keep all reports in a safe place.
2.If any changes must save it as version 2 without without overriding the first copy.
3.Where resources allow,  all posting audit trails or reports to be printed at the end of the day to keep it for control and reference purpose


Note that this apply to all audit trail printing in all posting modules


For illustration purpose, to print payment audit trail,

At [A/C Entry], click [Payment]




Follow the steps from [1] to [6] below




Once printed, continue to lock date



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