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Note : This topic is for user assigned with the highest rights to the Realtimme Cloud system.

Assuming your user want to print a payment voucher.

Follow the steps [1] to [4].

At [5] , system prompt a warning message "Sorry! You do not have sufficient access!" to this printing.



Some print option may be restricted from certain users ,

You can set to block or enable your user to print certain report(s) or document formats within the modules.


: How to restrict users from printing certain reports option


To set Printing control for each user group

Identify which user group this user belongs to (see Fig 3 above)


You, with a supervisor rights  click [Setup] , click [User Control] ,





This user (Fig 3) belongs to the [Finance] user group





Follow the steps below




For illustration purpose, you allow your Finance user group to print payment voucher, tick on the check box and any other report or document
Set the Print Control to set what report or document (audit trial , sales journal, Balance Sheet, etc) this user group is allowed to print.



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