Purchases - Monthly payroll accrued (employment service rendered)

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Realtimme system allow you to record the salary in the Purchase Journal as amount owing to the individual staff.The staff is treated like a supplier to the company that provides monthly services in term of time spent in the company.Though there is no invoice issued to the company per se, the date of entry is to be  record as the month the service is rendered, for example, 2014Jan , 2014Feb etc.

Note: Payroll information is private and confidential. You can restrict only selected user to access this module.

Watch video : Payroll Setup     How to record or accrue monthly staff salary

You had earlier learn how to do your payroll / employee setup, now you will learn how to record the individual staff salary into the payroll module

At Accounts Entry, click Purchase Journal, click on payroll tab.

Click [Add Payroll],


Assuming you want to record July 2014 salary of each staff,

Enter the employee id, Entry date( salary for the month of ...)

Enter the relevant fast code [S] . [CPF] , [CDAC], for example. Click Save and repeat for other staff. (Watch video : How to enter negative value?)

Note: For subsequent month, use [Recurring] to repeat the same staff salary.

Next, go to payment module to issue a cheque out to the staff for their monthly salary.


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