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Generally there are 2 sources of receipts; from customer and non customers.

Receipts are payments made by

1.Customers to your company (for purchases made), against their invoice (Accounts Receivables , or AR)

After your sales had been made, ( Sales Journal or Debit Note)  if it is a credit term invoice, your customer will pay you as it becomes due.

For recording purpose, you need to enter into the system, 5 basic information

i.Who pays you (i.e. enter the customer id)
ii.When pays (i.e. the date the cheque is cleared)
iii.Where ? (i.e. where is the money placed? in the bank or cash-in-hand or which bank, i.e. if you have more than one bank )
iv.How much? ( i.e. how much is paid)
v.What ? ( i.e. pay for what invoice)


2.Non customers' receipts are money bank in, not due to sales. Example when director loan money to the company; GST refunds ; refund of payments made for some expenses, share capital injection etc


They can pay in a form of cheque, telegraphic transfer, Interbank GIRO (Singapore only) , Paynow (Singapore users only) etc.



Step 1: Click A/c Entry--> Receipt



Step 2 : From Cust





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