Receipt - From Customer

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You had earlier issued invoices to your customer and now customer makes a payment to your company for the amount owed.


: How to deposit into company's bank account and offset customer's invoice



At [ A/c Entry], click [Receipt] ,





Click [From Cust]




Learn how to offset the invoice against the customer's payment with the following scenarios


1.Received full settlement
2.Received partial payment
3.Received payment with discount
4.Received payment with bank charges
5.Multiple cheques from different customers
6.Received US dollar payment with US dollar bank charges
7.US dollar invoice paid using SG dollar
8.Advance payment
9.Received payment less Credit Note
10.Full contra against invoice
11.Post dated cheque
13.Cross rate ( received in 3rd currency against a foreign currency invoice)
14.Received from supplier



lets's start with full settlement

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