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During the initial setup of the system, you must inform Realtimme support team, your company's reporting currency of the company's financial statement.

If you are a Singapore company, chances is that your reporting currency will be in SGD (bill your customer or supplier bill your company)  and your company's financial statement will be in SGD.

During implementation, Realtimme Support team will confirm the reporting currency of your company and preset in the database. User cannot change or set this currency setting.
Generally, a rule of thumb is if the annual turnover is more than 75% of a certain currency, that currency will be selected to be the reporting currency. Therefore, a company may be based in Singapore but the sales and purchases may be majority in US dollars and expenses are in Singapore dollars. From the advice of the auditor,  the company may be required to report their financial statement in US dollars.

Watch video : Where to see the setting of reporting currency in the system?

Before implementation, Realtimme support will confirm your company's reporting currency.

Once it is set in the company profile (see below) on a currency, it cannot be changed once transactions are entered.



If your account is reported in SGD,



If your reporting currency is in USD...Click here...

If your company's reporting currency is in USD (other than SGD) , it will be preset as shown


If your reporting currency is in MYR...Click here...

If your company's reporting currency is in Malaysia Ringgit, , it will be preset as shown.



1.Click here to see how it will appear If your reporting currency is in MYR
2.Your company reporting currency is not in SGD, and is GST registered, you can still print your GST report in Singapore dollars.

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