Revaluation foreign accounts

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For company doing international trade, you will have customers or suppliers in foreign currencies or General ledgers accounts in foreign currencies (Bank - USD, EURO etc)


For the purpose of reporting in base currency, all translation from the source currency to the base currency will be carried out when you issue a invoice or making(or receiving) a payment, when you supply the system an exchange rate at that point in time of that transaction ( actual rate).


Assuming invoice billied to Customer ABC-US of USD1,000 will be reflected as a sales of SGD1,400.00 if the exchange rate is 1.4000 at the time of invoicing.

or invoice from supplier CAHAYA- MYR billed to you at MYR1,000.00 will be reflected as a purchase of SGD450.00 if the exchange rate is 0.4500 on the date of invoice.