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1.You can create your service invoice here by generating a sales transaction, print out the invoice and (e)mail it out to your customer.

   Or you can enter the information based on the manual invoice, written in pen and paper into the sales journal to capture all daily sales.


2.If you are a corporate service provider (CSP) providing book keeping services, you may enter your client's daily sales in this module to capture the sales(Credit)  and receivables ( Trade Debtors, Debit) and GST tax(Credit), if any
(Refer to import sales using Realtimme excel template)


Your customer's account and aging ,will be automatically updated, together with your sales accounts in the Income and Expenditure Statement

: Record a sales entry                           Service invoice with quantity and unit price (Please ask for a separate quote)

At [  A/C Entry ] , click  [Sales Journal],                        Related Topic : Type Opening Balance                                          See Progressive Billing with deposit or multiple instalment payment


Click [ Add ]




Follow Step 1 to Step 10 to issue or record a sales




Fast code [1] is preset to sales account K-S001 and [2] is preset to K-S002


How to set your revenue fast code...

Fast code are short cut key that you enter into the sales journal (see above Fig 3) when you bill your customer for the various services rendered.

First, prepare your chart of accounts for revenue your company is generating.
    For illustration purpose, assuming your company provides corporate services to your clients. You need to modify the revenue accounts to suit your company. Click here to


2. Click Fast Code [...]  in step [4]  in Fig 3 above , click [Open Menu]. Link the fast code to each revenue accounts
 Once complete, it should look as per below

FAQ : Can the code be alphabeit ? Yes, it can also be alphanumeric


To print the service invoice, click the Print icon.





Click here to see sample Service invoice format




[Save & Exit] button added on 8/8/2017 ...Continue Reading..

You can now click [Save & Exit] button to reduce the number of steps before you exit from the module.

Difference between [Save] and [Save and Exit]
When you click [Save],
1. system will prompt you if you want to print or print later. You will click your option.
2. The system will be ready for you to enter the next invoice
3. If you do not want to create the next invoice, you click [Exit], system will ask if you are sure you want to exit, You will click [Yes].

When you click [Save and Exit] after creating one invoice,

4. System will not go through 1 to 3 , it will save the record and exit from the module.




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