Sales Tax (Singapore)

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Some customers are :

1.Local customers
2.Overseas customer  
3.Goods do not come into Singapore but sent direct to your customers or



You will learn how to pre-set the GST tax code in the customer's account, so that when you issue invoice to each customer, the default GST tax code will be applied to the document.

Your customer account can be pre-set (by default) to be standard supplies for local sales(SR), zero-rated for export sales (ZR), or out-of-scope (OS).



At [Setup], click Customer master.





You had learnt how to create new customer account ,

At Sales Tax Code, default tax code is [S],

Watch video : Pre-set customer id fast code [S] to Tax code [SR]


Or Overseas customers, Zero-rated tax (ZR) , change to ZR tax code


Or Overseas customers, where goods are sent direct by overseas supplier to your overseas customer without coming to Singapore.


Next, learn how to record your sales with GST  or supplier's pre-set tax code


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