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If you are providing services that need to issue invoice to your customers with billing items with quantity and unit price

You can use the [Service Invoice] module

: How to issue a service invoice with quantity and unit price



Step 1: Please get ready your services that you are going to render in code and name

 For illustration purpose , assuming you are in a freight and transport business, below are few service codes you use to bill your customers


 :  How to setup and prepare your service codes (Coming soon)


Step 2 : At [A/c Entry], click  [Service Invoice] , followed by [Add]





How to create fast code for revenue accounts [4] ...Click here...

1. First, prepare your chart of accounts for revenue. Click here to
    For illustration purpose, assuming your company provide corporate services to your clients. You will modify the revenue accounts to suit your company


2. Click Fast Code [...]  in step [4]  in Fig 4 above , click [Open Menu]. Link the fast code to each revenue accounts





              Once complete, it should look as per below


         Another sample of fast code from another industry


FAQ : Can the code be alphabeit ? Yes, it can also be alphanumeric        




  Sample invoice format (for illustration purpose only). Please ask for a separate quote from to redesign based on your company requirement.

See Progressive billing


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