Supplier Aging

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To print Suppliers’ Detailed or Summarised Aging Report


: How to print suppliers' aging report


Click Report--> Suppliers' Ledger--> Detailed Aging / Summarized Aging









*Note: Curr Type choose [Both]

Assuming a USD 1,000.00 invoice entered with an exchange rate of 1.3500 and month end closing rate is 1.3597

Your aging selection will display different result .

By Table Setting , Base currency will be $1,3597.00 (See Revalue Supplier accounts)

By Transaction , Base currency will be $1,3500.00



Note : Rate is displayed in 4 decimal place for presentation purpose. Calculation may use more than 4 decimal places which will result in rounding off difference with trade control account



As at 05/09/2020, due date added into the aging report.


FAQ : Currency rate not found


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