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Supplier master keep the record of the suppliers - organizations or individual persons to whom your company buy goods or services rendered to your company.


If you are buying on credit (example supplier give you 30 days term payment after collecting goods) , and you have more than one invoice from the same supplier in one month,
it is good to create a supplier account to keep track of the outstanding invoice or avoid double recording of their invoice


You can

1.Manually add your supplier profile one by one  (follow the steps from 1 to 4 below) or
2.If you are migrating from other accounting software, you can do an import from the template provided.

: How to add a new supplier account in the supplier master


To create new supplier profile



Step 1: At [Setup], click [Supplier Master]


Step 2: Click [Add] , See also [Copy]. Follow the steps from [1] to [10]




At [8] You can link to other creditors' control (related or Non-trade) . Click here

At [9]  Added feature on 07/08/2017 - Supplier Contract Date [Start Date] , [End Date] to prevent billing beyond contract date. Attach supplier contract in supplier master

Fig 2: Supplier Group is pre-set as above and is not mandatory, it is recommended that you set your [Supplier Group] in each supplier account.  

Fig 3: Default Currency is set as the reporting currency (see Company Profile), remove the default [SGD] and select the relevant currency if your supplier bill you in other than SGD.

  [9] Supplier Contract Date [Start Date] , [End Date] to prevent billing beyond contract date. . Set the next renewal contract date in Realtimme calendar


Contract start date and end date

Some supplier are on contract basis, enter the contract [Start Date] and [End Date] so that invoices beyond this date will be rejected by the system, hence no unauthorised payment.

[Attached File] allows you to store your pdf copy of the supplier contract for easy reference.



The system will block any new records that come in after the end date (30/09/2019). This will prevent unauthorised payment for non-performing jobs.




Use Realtimme calendar to remind you of renewal of contract before 30/9/2019





See Other Purchase Tax code...NR, IM,

    1. If the supplier is not GST Registered, pre-set the tax code as [NR]

             (See provision for audit fee)

    2. If the supplier is an overseas supplier where goods are imported, pre-set the tax code as [IM]    



Step 3: Address tab


 Follow the steps from [11] to [15]


Postal code in [13a] added on 15/08/2021 as a separate field for InvoiceNow use


Step 4: Contact tab..



At [Address] and [Contact] tab, enter the supplier address and the contact person.


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