Suppliers' Credit Journal

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Supplier can give your company, upon mutual agreement, their credit note for various reasons, e.g. due to overcharging, rebates, returned of goods, or rental of floor area for product display ,contra your invoice against theirs etc


If supplier gives you a credit note for returned goods or dollar discount or dollar value rebates, enter the transactions in this module.


: Supplier Credit Note                                                See Supplier Debit Note


Exercise: Supplier DEF issued a credit note to the company Ref No. 23455 of $500.00 dated 30/06/2018 due to dollar value rebates


At [A/c Entry], click [Suppliers' Credit Journal]



Click [Add]



Enter the information as shown below from Step 1 to Step 9.





Do you know that you can enter the the supplier credit note amount inclusive of GST...Read more...

             For illustration purpose, your supplier (a GST registered company) give you a credit note of $105 inclusive of GST at the prevailing rate.

       See Supplier's Purchase Journal inclusive of GST

       As at 10/06/2021



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