System Requirements

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REALTIMME Supports the following minimum Client Hardware Requirements and Server recommendations for REALTIMME Cloud. (Server recommendations are not the minimum Server requirements). The specific Hardware that you will need for your configurations depends on environmental factors.  To achieve individual performance expectations, you may        need to        increase these recommendations.




Operating System

(Microsoft Office)

-   Windows 7 with .Net 4.0

-Windows 8 and above
-Windows 10


Intel Core5 or higher recommended.

Available Hard Disk Space

100 Megabytes (MB) or freer hard disk space.

Minimum Available RAM

4 Gigabyte (GB) and above recommended

Internet Connection

Broadband ,  3G Fibre Optics , WIFI or wireless internet via land lines


1)REALTIMME Cloud WILL NOT WORK on Windows 95 / 98 / ME Platforms.
2)REALTIMME Cloud will work in a Wireless Network Infrastructure, including WAN Infrastructure that is encapsulated in a VPN environment.





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