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FAQ: My system slow down suddenly after installing anti-virus.


Answer  1/5 : You need to set exclusion rule in your anti virus software to exempt RealtimmeCloud from scanning.
                  The followings are some of the common anti-virus software that you may find it useful as to how to set the exclusion rule.
Note : The video would mention RealtimmeSQL folder, but replaced as RealtimmeCloud wef 23rd March 2016
          RealtimmeUpdater.exe is no more in use and had been replaced by RealtimmeLauncher.exe
Watch video : Exclude Realtimme Cloud from anti-virus scan

Read more : How to exclude an Kaspersky application from scanning


ByteFence : Select Whitelist to exclude Realtimme Cloud from scanning


Answer 2/5 : Do a speed test    watch video: How to do a speed test


This is normal


If your download speed is below 10Mbps, this is slow. Try to turn off and turn on your router again or shut down your machine and restart to login again.


Answer 3/5 : Install CC Cleaner to refresh your cache memory (to get the updated helpfile)



Answer 4/5: Your Norton firewall causing the problem. Select Allow always, tick on the Do not notify me again box and click OK.


Answer 5/5: Check your Task Manager, disable Skype temporary or load only when require.




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