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1.Download installation files


2.Where Realtimme folder is stored in local drive


3..Realtimme cloud icon
 Click the shortcut to launch the program or get the latest update


4. At your computer. program & features will have the item as shown. If not found...
Download SAP Crystal reports 13.0 runtime or click here to Realtimme Download site, select item 2 (Other third party patches)



5.Teamviewer 12 : Allows Realtimme support team to remote into user's computer to assists the user.


6.Anydesk. Alternate to Teamviewer, an easier and direct remote support without the conflict of version control in Teamviewer


7.Dot Net framework 4.0 download (if you are using Win 7 or Xp)




8.Auto update of new release


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