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The subscription of Realtimme Cloud SAAS solution is bounded by the Terms of Use  ( TOS ) as indicated in the quotation and/or renewal of subsequent year subscription invoices.

or can be found in Realtimme website, any changes shall be announced in Realtimme Facebook account. Below are the highlights


If there are conflict of TOS from here and the website, the TOS here will supersede the website TOS

Please read the latest TOS from this page

With effect from

01/01/2022 - We reserve the rights not to investigate transactions for errors or omissions of more than  365 days from date of reporting.



01. Document Format Design
System come with standard print format for

- Service invoice, payment voucher, statement of accounts etc.

- Any modification or subsequent change request, charges shall apply (see below)


Optional : Custom design document  formats with company logo

-  One time update @ SGD 90 per document

- 30 days from 1st delivery amendment or enhancement available

- Subsequent change request i@ SGD 40.00  per document

- Sales Journal, customer service invoice , credit note etc.


Note :

1. Format design is not customisation of software

    For change of existing format design, a fee of $40 shall be applicable. Please ask for a separate quote.      

2. Your hardware from time to time, may not be compatible or out-dated  to print properly, charges may

   apply to separately trouble shoot or resolve the issue.



02. Non-disclosure Agreement

We do not sign NDAs. we have so many sign ups that if we were to sign every NDA request, we would quickly be swamped with legal documents.
Our reputation resides on our professionalism and our ability to maintain the trust of business owners with whom we work with. We will take extra care to maintain confidentiality in your data.


03. Service may be interrupted if...
Service may be interrupted on accounts that reach 10 days past due. Reinstatement fee will be charged @S$100 within one month from due date. All data will be purged after one month overdue


04. Change of entity or name of subscriber

While the subscription is transferable by the change of entity or name of subscriber, the original subscriber must put in writing of the change and must be accepted by Realtimme in writing, indicating the new name and the date of change.



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