Tips and Great ideas..01/03/2020

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1.Use Realtimme calendar to help you remember your renewal date for your insurance, rental, your service contract, your GST submission


2.Upload your bank statement into your monthly bank reconciliation record


3.Lock your monthly accounts to prevent accidental amendment of any posting


4.Attach your supplier invoice into your entry


5.Recurring button in Purchase Journal


6.Fixed Asset Register maintain within Realtimme Cloud instead of in your spreadsheet
7.Use Copy button to replicate fixed asset


8.Enhanced excel friendly report in GL ledger when exported to excel in single line


9.Enter your Supplier's Credit Journal or Customers'  Credit Journal inclusive of GST


10. Copy button for Purchase Journal


11. When making direct payment ( non-AP), system will check for duplicate invoice if the same invoice was paid within 3 months


12.Mode of Payment in Receipt / Payment module, will automatically be ticked in Bank reconciliation



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