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Welcome to our training videos library. From here, you can choose the topics you want to learn or find out how Realtimme Cloud handles each transactions and scenarios

The list is not exhaustive and we will provide the necessary link to the topics required upon request

Some topics have dead links and they are most likely video under construction. please bear with us as we are updating our videos very soon.


1. to...


2. Multi Currency Setup

Skip this topic if you do not transact in USD / EUR/JPY etc

1.Verify your reporting currency in USD ( or other currency other than SGD)
7.Revaluation ; Unrealised exchange gain/loss unrealised
8.Cross rate payment to supplier
9.Cross rate payment from customer
10.Reports in multi currency
a.Customer aging  in foreign and base
b.Supplier aging in foreign and base
c.Customer ledger in foreign and base
d.Supplier ledger in foreign and base


3.Opening balances ( newly setup company can ignore this topic)


4. GST and related topic

Skip this topic if you are not GST registered or
Inform our support that your company is GST registered. We will disable the tax rate for you.

1.Setup for ..
b.Non GST Registered trader
i.Not Registered (NR)
ii.To be registered next month
iii.GST Registration reminder ...see item 12
c.De-registration  (Form 8)
d.Change of GST rate : No action required. Auto update new rate from effective date
a.How to issue a tax invoice
a.How to record a supplier tax invoice
b.How to record an import purchases GIRO payment
c.How to record a freight forwarder invoice (with and without tax)
4.When reporting currency is not SGD
a.USD /EUR reporting currency
b.Currency rate in SGD
c.GST report translated to SGD


6.Lock date after each quarter closing
7.GST Procedures


8. Customer accounting for prescribed good

Skip this topic if you are not supplying prescribed goods under customer accounting for handphones, memory chips etc

a.GST Tax code for Customer accounting
b.Sales of prescribed goods exceeding SGD10,000
c.Returned of prescribed goods
d.Purchase of prescribed goods
e.GST report of prescribed goods


Five Recommended features as at 1/1/2020

10.Overseas Vendor registration
12.GST reverse charge



5. Sales and related (invoice to customer)...How to...
2.Issue a service invoice with quantity and unit price (this module subscribed separately)
3.Record multiple sales account in a single invoice
4.Issue a Debit Note
5.Issue a Credit Note
6.Print an invoice to pdf
7.Issue an e-invoice (PEPPOL)

5. Print a monthly sales audit trail


6. Receive payment from to record a receipt...



7. Purchases and related ..How to record a supplier invoice for...
1.Service related or expenses related transaction
2.Cost of sales or Cost of goods sold (COGS)
3.GST paid on behalf by a freight company
4.Receive an e-invoice (PEPPOL)
7.Print monthly purchases audit trail


8. Making payment to supplier...How to record a payment...
4.To use foreign currency bank to pay a foreign supplier
5.To use SGD bank to pay a foreign supplier
7.To use a 3rd currency bank to pay a foreign currency supplier
9.To print monthly payment audit trial
10.Print Supplier report ...
a.Supplier aging report
b.Supplier ledger


9. General ledgers journal ...How to...
e.GST Journal
f.Closing stock / Opening stock
i.Revaluation of foreign currency balances
1.Customer in foreign balances
2.Supplier in foreign balance
3.Bank and Chart of accounts in foreign currency




10. Print Reports...How to print ...


11. Fixed Assets Register(Under construction)

a.Setup location master


a.Setup reference number
a.Setup asset group


b.Setup asset group default setting


c.Fixed asset b/f
d.Purchase of fixed asset (payment)  
e.Add new fixed asset
f.Monthly depreciation
g.Print monthly fixed asset schedule
h.Disposal - sales with gain/loss in disposal
i.Write off (inactive)
j.Transfer from location to location (under construction)


12. Technical

a.How to use the [Help] button
b.Remote support using teamviewer
c.Anydesk remote support (alternative to teamviewer)
d.Exclusion window defender
e.Exclusion using Avast anti virus as illustration
f.Auto update program
g.Where Realtimme Cloud is stored


13. Others

a)Realtimme Calendar
b)Seamless filing for ACRA and IRAS
c)ACRA XBRL submission






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