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FAQ : We are a service provider, we are adding more client's accounts using Realtimme Cloud. I want to assign my user to each account that he/she is handling only and not to access to all client's accounts.
          How do I do that in Realtimme Cloud?
Answer : For illustration purpose, assuming you are the person to decide which user to access which client's account. Please follow the steps below


Our support team will check with you which user (yourself or a senior staff appointed by you)  in your company to be given the role to assign each user to access the client's account.
The above is a one-time setting only.

Assuming your user [PP] and is given the role, our support team will assign [PP] id to be allowed user administration. (Note : The check box is only visible to our senior support) .


Once ready, your user PP will login to any of the company


At [Setup], click [User Control] . Follow the steps from [1] to [5]



FAQ 1 : Do I need to create the user account in each company first?
Answer : No, system will auto create in each of the company user control module


FAQ 2 : If i do not want this user to handle A accounts but continue to handle other sets of accounts? What do I do?

Answer : Login to company A accounts, delete this user from company A. This user is still able to login to other company accounts except company A


This feature was add on 29th July 2021


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