User Group Control

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Note : This topic is for user assigned with the highest rights to the Realtimme Cloud system.


[User group control] organizes your user by their access rights and privileges given to them by you, as the supervisor.


In any organization, each personnel are given different responsibilities and duties in their area of work.
A junior staff will not have access to print the financial report, or to the General ledger journal posting module.
Or AR staff will not have access to AP module



You can set each user group the capability to access, and functions to add, edit, delete or view transaction, to print documents or reports.


: Setup user rights and accesses


When you create a new user, you can choose between the pre-set user groups as shown below.





Below are the pre-set user groups in the system.




Take note that Supervisor is the highest level with full access to all modules and full rights to all functions


FAQ 1 : Can I create a new user group with different roles and responsibilities?

Answer : Yes, please consult our support


FAQ 2 : I am a corporate service provider, how can I assign my user to different client's account

Answer : Click here


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