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To enter Advance Payment to Supplier (Purchase Deposit)

Some supplier or new supplier may request for payment first before delivering the goods (issue invoice) to your company.
Learn how to issue an advance payment to your supplier.


: Advance payment to supplier



Exercise: Assuming your company made a  payment  SGD3,000.00 dated 07/08/2016 to Supplier UTB for a confirmation of a purchase of some goods. (No bills from Supplier UTB yet, advance payment)


Click A/C Entry -, select [Payment] , click [ Add Supp]






            If you proceed to click Save , a message below wlll appear, click Yes



Take note that an asterisk (*) will appear shown in this record to indicate an advance payment (Unapply)





Subsequently when the invoice is received, go to Purchase journal (or Supplier Invoice)  to enter the purchases after which return here to apply (double click this record or highlight and click Edit ) the invoice to this payment.




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